OÜ KATRAMEKS is a company which successfully operates in the provision of services for the production of garments.The company provides a wide range of services in tailoring:

  • working clothes;
  • men's and women's clothing;
  • bed linen;
  • children's clothing and specials. accessories.

Strengths of the OÜ KATRAMEKS:

  • Small and flexible production, which means that the production line can be easily and operatively adjusted on the customer's request;
  • Katrameks OÜ customers are not only Estonian companies , but also large EU companies;
  • Quality of finished product meets the high requirements of the ordering company;
  • Currently sewing workshop is eqipped with 60 units of modern sewing equipment and, if necessary, there is a real possibility of a significant increase in capacity;
  • Management ,which aims to expand the operating field and ready for a new cooperation.
  • Distinctive advantages of the Katrameks OÜ services are based on the use of modern technology and highly qualified personnel.